Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Review: The Marriage Mistake

The Marriage Mistake: Marriage to a Billionaire, Book 3
Published by: Gallery Books
Release Date: November 6th, 2012
Source: Kindle Edition owned by Reviewer
Audience: Ages 18+


Carina Conte has had a crush on her brother Michael’s best friend, Max Gray, since she was a teenager. Now she’s earned her MBA and come to work at Michael’s new venture, America’s fastest-growing bakery empire. But some things never change: her family still treats her like a child. With three drop-dead gorgeous siblings, she’s still the ugly duckling of the bunch. And Max, the company’s new CEO, still barely notices her.

Max knows Carina Conte is strictly off limits. But hot-blooded lust wins out at a conference when the two share a scorching one-night stand—and are busted by her mother! Now, forced by old-world Italian tradition into a marriage he’s not ready for, Max is miserable—and Carina is furious. Her new husband is about to realize that hell hath no fury like a woman transformed….


From start to finish, The Marriage Mistake excited, exasperated, and, above all, captivated! Carina had pined from afar for Maximus for years and years until one day, he started to look back. Their story is one of frustration, mostly on Carina's side. And if you ask me, Max had it too easy; she should have made him beg for more, something he absolutely loved for her to do. *shudder*  But in actuality, this story was about so much more than frustration; it was about beauty, love, family, and freedom.

With each book, Jennifer Probst impresses me more and more. While other romantic series authors quickly become repetitive and bromidic, Probst manages to keep the reader intrigued and yearning for more. And she always delivers.

I highly recommend both this book and series to anyone interested in a good, old-fashioned love story with a modern twist.


The sexual tension between Max and Carina was so thick and heavy I had to blink several times to read through all that fog. Holy hell. These two are hot, Hot, HOT!!! I've never found myself rooting for a couple as much as these two... and that was only in the previous book where they were initially introduced. But I suppose there is something about the forbidden fruit tasting so much sweeter, and boy did Max gorge himself on it (and her). Dio mio!

Favorite quote: "You're getting a little mouthy for someone who's supposed to be in training." Desire slammed into her hard and fast. Her nipples pushed against the sheer silk of her blouse and begged for the naughty bite of his teeth. Her voice dropped to a whisper. "So shut me up." ~Max and Carina

Get it, girl.

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