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Book Review: To Wed the Fae Prince

To Wed the Fae Prince
By: V. Vervain
Published By: Self-Published
Publication Date: August 4, 2012
Page Count: 86 pages
Buy it at:  Barnes & Noble
Source: E-Book Kindly Provided by the Author
Audience:  Adult Fantasy

Most of my bookish friends know I love all things Fae.  I can almost always fall quite easily into this magical world created by these wonderful authors who write about them and be quite happy even though the fae are known to be just as cruel as they are known to be beautiful.  So I was eager to get my hands on this little short story offered by V. Vervain, and I was not disappointed!

To Wed the Fae Prince is Etta's story.  She was a girl who learned at the age of 12 that she has been promised by her parents to wed a fae prince.  Understandably, Etta was not happy about having her life decided for her and begrudgingly left the human world to be paired with fae royalty when she was older.  Originally promised to the oldest son of the King of the Fae, regal and handsome Bronn, the King surprised everyone by decreeing that she was to be married to Farron, Bronn's younger brother, much to Etta's horror.  From Etta's initial point of view, Farron was the brooding, although stunningly beautiful prince, who she had been told hates humans.  So, it was safe to presume that their marriage started off a little rocky at first.

Despite being married first before really knowing anything about each other, what I liked most was how they came to get to know and understand each other after their vows.  Etta entered Faeryland, if I recall correctly, at the age of 17 and was married literally immediately.  However, time passes differently in Faery, so within what seemed like a few days to Etta, was years to the fae.  She physically changed...her hair grew really fast...she developed into a woman...but her mentality was still quite young.  So she was no where near ready for her 'wedding night' whether she even liked Farron or not.  And despite her curiousities about Farron, and taking their relationship further, she realized she had to grow up first, and 'like' him.  Remember, time moves fast/differently in Faery.

I quite liked Etta...she seemed honest with her feelings and had a sense of humour I could relate to.  I loved it when she teased Farron into believing that zombies were a reality in the human realm after he took interest in a book she was reading.  However, she didn't realize later that her 'lies' would have repercussions where Farron was concerned. 

Although bristly at first, I came to adore Farron.  This handsome, second oldest prince, evolved rather quickly into a swoon-worthy love interest.  At first, I had a hard time reconciling the Farron we met at the beginning of the story to the Farron at the end but as truths came forward, we learned why he was the way he was when we first met him, and that was totally forgivable.  He was patient with Etta, which endeared and charmed me to no end.  I could easily picture his intense blue eyes, his smile that 'lit up the room'...

At about the half-way mark, I was thinking that this was going to be a tame 'new adult'-type short story...but WHOA!  In the blink of an eye, it turned into a VERY adult story.  I should have put two and two together by the ebook cover (and I hadn't read the synopsis in a while).  There's no doubt, it was HOT and very sensual.  I loved it! 

My only complaint, aside from a couple of typos, was the story was a bit rushed...I would have gladly read much more had it been developed with more detail.  I think Ms. Vervain has a great imagination and I hope she continues to write more about this world...including Farron...oh, and Etta.


Etta Cooper has been promised to marry the Prince of the Faeries since before she was born. A move from her mundane life and family take her into the enchanted Faeryland where she is promised to the handsome Bronn, eldest prince of the Fae King, but when Bronn decides he doesn't want her she is betrothed to his elegant, introspective, and... sullen younger brother Farron. Farron is a human hater. Trapped in this lush, beautiful world of faery Etta longs to escape until she begins to spend time with Farron, and their conversations slowly chip away at the frosty, superior mask he wears. Perhaps, just perhaps Farron is exactly the challenge she's been looking for...

Recommended for ages 16 and up due to mature content.

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