Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review: Power of the Moon

Power of the Moon: Power of the Moon, Book 1

Author: Tina Carreiro
Published by: Time and Tide Publishing, 2nd Edition
Release Date: October 14th, 2012
Source: ARC from author
Where to buy: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Audience: Ages 18+

Haunted by visions of death, and a past that holds her prisoner, Mia Starr never imagined her life could become even more complex. Untapped psychic powers spark to life, and her chosen solitary existence fills with creatures that shatter her safe reality. Now the very thing she fears the most is the one thing that will complete her in every way possible.

Detective Cole Barnett has mastered the vampire within. It has earned him respect and a position with Sector 13, the hardest job a vampire can hold. When a beautiful mortal is thrown into his investigation, with powers able to subjugate vampires, she tests his restraint.

Cole and Mia's passion ignites, but Mia's fear holds her back and she struggles to forget his touch and possessive kiss. What she doesn't realize is the more she runs from him, the more excited he becomes, and the hunt is something he cannot resist.


There are three things in life that are completely and unerrigly unforgivable: 1. books that fail to grab a reader's attention, 2. not using indicators when making a right or left turn in a vehicle, and 3. horizontal stripes. Fortunately for Tina Carreiro, Power of the Moon manages to avoid all three of these things and remains utterly fabulous! Not only is the quality of Carreiro's writing excellent, but her storytelling is also to be commended. Plot is unique and characterization is outstanding, especially the two main protagonists. Mia (pronounced MY-A) Starr and Cole Barnett are revealed to us in steps, like layers of an onion...a very sexually frustrating onion, to be quite honest. Minor characters like Mia's mother and Sheriff John provide some amusing moments and others, like Art, provide some tearjerking ones. *sniffle*

This was such a refreshing read. The author took the age-old story of vampires and turned it into something new and wildly entertaining. So many aspects of a good fictional novel were present: action, thrills, romance, drama, and mystery. Carreiro does a wonderful job of engaging her audience and even teasing them a bit. 

I'm very much looking forward to the next in this series!  

Favorite Quote: "Oh. My. God. Save a horse, ride a cowboy." (When Mia sees sexy detective Cole for the first time.) 


There is no doubt about it; Mia and Cole are friggin' scorching! These two make not touching just as sexy, and possibly more so, than good old-fashioned boinking. I just about DIED when the Sheriff ordered them to keep their hands off each other. Puh-lease!!! And again when he interrupted them in the elevator! Can we say c-blocking?

But they finally, FINALLY came together in the end. And it was so worth the wait...

Another favotie quote: "I was imagining my hands gliding over your breasts, washing you with the scented soap I can smell on your skin. It's on my to do list." ~Cole


  1. What a lovely review. Thank you, Sel!

  2. Loved the book and enjoyed your review

  3. YOU GO GIRL! What an AMAZING review! I am so happy you loved it. Thank you honey! So I can DEF count you in for book 2 blog tour? THANK YOU SEL!!! email me if yes ok


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