Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Book Boyfriend: Tristan Knight

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizazz and stumbled on this meme while hanging out at one of our favorite blogs, A Book and a Cupcake. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. The Unread Reader features this meme on Wednesdays, but we figured moving our participation to Thursday wouldn't hurt anything. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well. 

My Book Boyfriend of the Week is Tristan Knight, the heart-stopping hero of Kristie Cook's Soul Savers series and current star of my dirtiest fantasies. 
(What's that, you say? Don't know about this series? You can read my reviews here, here and here. And you better keep yourself tuned in, because I have Devotion in my hot little hands, and its coming S-O-O-N.)

My ideal Tristan is Charlie Hunnam.


* Large, hard body with a chiseled chest and six pack abs and 6'2"

* Noticeably gorgeous in face and form

*Hazel eyes, a wide ring of emerald green fading into the deep brown with gold flecks

*Flawless facial features: Square jaw, full lips, golden tan

*Sandy brown hair, longer on top and streaked by sun

Facts about Tristan:
*He was created to be the ultimate warrior in the battle between the Amadis and Daemoni - He chose to be good, and went through much pain to do so. 

*He smells like papayas and mangoes with a hint of lime and sage and a hint of man. Yeah, I don't know either, but I want it.

*He's good with his hands. I mean really good, like EPICALLY good. And I mean that exactly how you think I do.  ;)

*He speaks seven languages. You know that's hot!

*His birthday is on Halloween

Why He's My Book Boyfriend:
Now, you all know I love me some tortured, gorgeous-eyed lost men, and Tristan definitely qualifies. Raised and trained to be a demonic killing machine, Tristan is turned away from the Dark Side and their cookies by the Amadis. He is immortal and supernaturally strong, as well as highly intelligent and analytical, with a fun, playful side and a tender heart.  Plus he's sexy as hell!

Tristian Knight Quotes:

"It's a beautiful day for a ride,"  he hinted. When I didn't answer, he came over to my chair, dropped on his knees, clasped his hands together and stuck his lower lip out deliciously. He lowered his voice. "Please?"  Like I could resist that. Or the offer."

"He took a moment to think.  "I would tell them that you're a beautiful, smart, kind, independent young woman with a good sense of humor and a laugh that makes my heart soft; who likes to go to the beach, cook, read and watch vampire movies but is self-protective.' ....he said, sounding sad. "You've been hurt. And I will accept that as part of you." ~ Promise, Book 1

"My hands ran along his bare chest for the first time in way too long, feeling its smooth planes and curves. They trembled as they moved lower, along his perfect lines, his muscles flexing under my touch. He hooked his thumb under the elastic of my panties and, with a slight jerk, tore them off." Promise, Book 1

"And that's when I  noticed the cracked and chipped headboard, and a dent in the wall above it. I eyed Tristan. "I don't know who did that, but I don't think anger is the only emotion that brings  out your strength." he laughed" Promise, Book 1


  1. haha I like him! :) He seems hot! I should pick this book up :) ;)

  2. Hey Michelle! Had to stalk you after last night. Oh that sounds terrible. Just wanted to stop in and say hi, I couldn't find if you had a twitter or FB account. Its just really good to meet other LA Bloggers. If you want to connect on Facebook or twitter.

    BTW the book sounds hot and that model you used for Tristan is great. Can just smell the mangoes.

    1. Hi!!! Please stalk away :) I think I found you. It was great to meet you & Patti as well. Wasn't Andrea Cremer just adorable?

  3. This is awesome as you relate Tristan to Charlie hunnam!!! Omg I thought the same thing when I read these books!!! I am sooo jealous of Alexis while reading this! Lol these books make you really think there truly is a true love for everyone somewhere in this big world!!!

  4. @Marie, I know CH is sort of scruffy for Tristan but I got an email from Kristie Cook saying she loved it! O.o Don't you love these books??? I'm so hooked

  5. L O V E D these books and yes Tristan is heart stopping gorgeous! Don't forget the sequel book Generations tho!

  6. loves these books and tristan.Ive just started reading power and i cant get enough of him!


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