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Book Review: Genesis


Prequel novella to the Soul Savers series

Published By: Ang'dora Productions, LLC (October 20, 2011) 

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Source: E-book Owned by Reviewer
Audience: 18+ Paranormal

My Thoughts:
If you've seen my review of Promise, the first book in the Soul Saver series, then you know it's my current obsession. And there is nothing my inner nerd loves more than to go back to the beginning, to where it all began, who was involved, and WHY. If you were to ask me if you should read Genesis first, I myself am a little surprised by my answer: 

No. I don't think you should know more than Alexis does when you get into Promise, or I feel like the impact of her frustration and confusion loses its punch. I feel like it belongs where I haphazardly read it, and that's between book 1 & 2.  But on to Genesis!

The prologue sets us up in ancient Thessaly, where the angel Andrew guards his charge, a human woman named Zoe, for whom his feelings are strange and new. When three minions attack her, a demon also attacks Andrew, and they battle for her soul. Andrew wins but the vampires have done their damage. Andrew crosses the veil between the human realm and the Otherworld to prevent them from changing her or silencing her faint heartbeat. He feeds her his golden blood and heals her, only to be punished by the Higher Angels by being cast out of Heaven, but not as a demon, for his sin was of love, not greed or hate or pride.

Interested yet? 

This story mainly focuses on Cassandra, and her twin brother Jordan, 200 years later. When their father dies, they both experience his jaw dropping news that they are descended from angels differently. Jordan has always been restless, a little dark and chooses to believe they are part demon. Cassandra, the healer, believes their father. They fight and part ways, Jordan to seek answers from some very nefarious characters, and Cassandra to journey alone and find her own truth.

Their story reaches an epic climax as the siblings, each having acquired powers, battle it out, for family, for supremacy, for love and for our souls. This is the beginning of Daemoni and the Amadis....And lead right into the prophecy regarding Tristian and Alexis.

Synopsis:Prequel to the award-winning, best-selling Soul Savers Series by Kristie Cook....

A father who reveals his truth.

Twins who take different paths—one light, one dark.

Angels who have plans for them both
And Demons who do as well.
So the Earthly battle for souls ignites…

A tale that is over 2,000 years old, this is the story of the Amadis beginnings.

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  1. Thank you for the great review! So glad you enjoyed it. :)


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