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My Book Boyfriend: Aidan Gallagher

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizazz and stumbled on this meme. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. The Unread Reader features this meme on Wednesdays, but we figured moving our participation to Thursday wouldn't hurt anything. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well.

My Book Boyfriend is 

Aidan Gallagher
Book he's in: The Gallaghers of Ardmore trilogy, also known as the Irish trilogy
Jewels of the Sun
Tears of the Moon
Heart of the Sea
Written by: Nora Roberts
My ideal Aidan is Patrick Dempsey.

His appearance: (taken from Jewels of the Sun)

*eyes as blue as a lightning bolt under rich, dark brows

*rawboned face of the Celts
*wild good looks
*a long, straight nose

*a mouth full and shamelessly sensual
*a tough, take-a-punch chin with just a hint of a cleft
*built like a brawler - wide of shoulder, long of arm, and narrow of hip

Some Aidan facts:
*Aidan is the oldest of the Gallagher clan.
*He is a publican, running and tending bar at his family's pub.
*He is also a musician, as are all of the Gallaghers.
*Aiden traveled a lot, sewing his wild oats, before settling down in his home town of Ardmore, Ireland.
*He is also a fabulous story teller, winning pretty American Jude over with his lilting accent and stories of the faeries and Irish folklore.
*Through his youth, brawling for fun and for temper, Aidan avoided having his nose broken.

Quotes about Aidan:

"He was quick, she thought. A sharp mind and a clever tongue." ~ Jude

"I believe in magic, and that the best of it, the most true of it, is in the heart." ~ Aidan

"I'd likely break my hand on that face of yours. However pretty it is, it's stretched over a skull made of rock." ~ Darcy Gallagher

"I never thought to see him look like that, Brenna. A man looks like that over a woman, she could hurt him, slice right into the heart." ~ Darcy

"He played and sang beautifully, and brought enough beer from the pub to float a battleship." ~ Jude

"You're a Gallagher, Aidan. Gallaghers get what they want sooner or later." ~ Darcy

Why I love Aidan?
Oh where do I begin? Aside from his wickedly rugged, handsome good looks and that sexy Irish accent, Aidan is a dreamer. He wouldn't call himself a dreamer - his brother Shawn is best known as the dreamer of the family, but Aidan is too. He is funny, smart, and passionate about his family, his business, his music, and his girl. Aidan is the best combination of the sweet, thoughtful, romantic man and the protective, quick tempered bad boy.

Who would be my perfect Aidan?
There really is no one. Aidan has been an image in my head since I first fell for him in 2000. The closest I came is Patrick Dempsy, but even he doesn't hold a candle to my Aidan.

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  1. Oh - I agree - Nora Roberts creates men you HAVE to love, true?


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