Monday, August 5, 2013

Short Story Revew: The Cafe'

The Cafe' 
(Temptation Tuesday)
By: Niki Becker
Published by: The Art of Safkhet
Release Date: May 5, 2013
Genre: Erotic Fiction, Short Story
Source: Purchased/Owned by Reviewer
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Rambling Thoughts of Me, Your Reviewer:
This is my first erotic short story, and I have to say it entranced me. I usually read paranormal romance, fiction, or even history, but not anything erotic. I first picked up my Kindle to read this story with the suggestion of a friend, after I purchased it and had it whispernetted away to my Kindle; I picked the book and began to read. Before starting I had told myself that I would read a few pages before I went to bed. By the first paragraph in I was hooked. I found myself pressing the button to go to the next page, then the next, and the next after that. The way Niki injects the reader into the scene with her wording is breathtaking.

I am not one for erotic stories, usually, but Ms. Lane captivated me. She had a daily routine which was altered by a chance encounter with a guy who served her, her morning get up and go. I feel like I can relate to Ms. Lane, therefore I lived this book to a degree. This little fact made me stay up late into the night continuing to read about what happened next. Did they do it? Did he come back? What in the world is she thinking? Questions like these made me have to plug my phone up so my Kindle App wouldn’t die. Ms. Lane needed a void filled in her life and in marches this prince of dark and kinkiness, which was just what she needed. A man who dared to be dominate, who brought her to her knees, and was literally a pain in her ass, but all in the good ways.  I was lying in bed reading this with my boyfriend lying beside of me, each time my eyes went from left to right reading the raw sex that was presented before me I got all tingly and wet, which I instantly looked over at my sleeping boyfriend and wanted to wake his ass up and tell him to get naked. As I was pressing my ‘next’ button and reading, I was gasping for breath as I found there were no more words, no more pages, and no more story. The sex in this story is riveting and will take you to a place you want to come back. I went to sleep that night wishing and hoping for my own little Café Rendezvous, that I could live out my fantasy.

**Come back tomorrow for a teaser of this month's Temptation Tuesday: The Backyard, which is the continuation of Ms. Lane's story with an interesting twist. You won't want to miss it!**

Summary from Amazon:
Temptation Tuesday is an erotic monthly series of 99 cent short stories coming to you by authors Ashley Nemer (writing as Niki Becker) and Stacy A. Moran (writing as Anabella Adrian). On the first Tuesday of each month, readers will be treated with a sexy new adventure. In The Cafe, Ms. Lane takes you through her chance encounter at a cafe, where she and one of the employees' steamy relationship starts to bloom. Niki Becker's story will heat up your insides and keep you begging for more. At the end you will be left satisfied and anxiously awaiting the next installment of Temptation Tuesday.

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