Sunday, March 4, 2012

Guest Post:Amanda J. Greene

Please welcome to the Nest, Amanda J. Greene, author of the spine-tingling Caressed by Night!
(M reviews of her books can be found here and here)

            Hello everyone, I am here to discuss why I chose Las Vegas as to be the setting for my current release, Caressed by Night (Rulers of Darkness #2). The answer is simple. I love Las Vegas. Living a few hours drive away, my husband and I go any chance we get.

Besides my enjoyment of the vibrant, lively city, I selected Las Vegas because it is perfect for the backdrop of a paranormal romance novel and it suits my characters and plot well.
            Another reason I selected Las Vegas is to emphasize the difference between the first and second book within my Rulers of Darkness series. Caressed by Moonlight, book one, takes place in early 1800s London. Caressed by Night is a fast forward to “now” and Las Vegas is one of the most “now” cities in the world.
            Yet another factor to my decision is, Vegas is in the heart of Nevada, which is a state consisting of vast areas of dessert, the perfect place for two extremely powerful vampires to battle to the death.
            Dimitri Arsov is the only remaining pureblood vampire who seeks revenge on the traitor that arranged for him to be murdered centuries ago. He comes to Las Vegas for two reasons, to claim is mate and to kill his enemy.

Caressed by Night (Rulers of Darkness #2) Sneak Peek:
 The wind swept across the desert; the rain had yet to reach the battlefield. This flat stretch of landscape was miles from civilization. Isolated. Desolate. Perfect for the bloody, ruthless, no-holds-barred battle that was about to take place.
Dimitri materialized before his enemy. Awe filled Ven’s eyes as another emotion flickered beneath the surface, an emotion the demon within Dimitri loved. Terror.
“Hello, Ven,” Dimitri greeted.
            “Dimitri Arsov,” Ven spat.

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