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Novella Review: Sweet Temptations

Sweet Temptations
Demons of Virtue, Book 1
Published by: Red Rose Publishing
Publication Date: February 9, 2012
Format: eBook, 42 pages
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The Good:
I was really excited to read this book as the author is a friend of mine. However, it's also a huge amount of pressure to find oneself critiquing a friend's labor of love, sweat, and tears. So what did I think? I really liked it! The characters are well developed for a short story. Avan was a sweet heart in many ways, and I had a hard time imagining him as a demon from hell. I could totally see what Rita fell for in him. Rita is a character that women around the world will be able to identify with. She doesn't see the beauty in herself and is rather quite self depreciating. While there were times that this trait of hers made me want to slap her, I also appreciated how this rings true for so many women who don't see themselves the way the world sees them. I loved Rita's trusting nature, and I adored Avan's love of lounge pants.

The Bad:
And can I admit that part of me really liked Lana?  Yeah, I know she was out to kill Avan, but she was totally kick-ass. I was also intrigued by Beck and am looking forward to more of him (I hope) in the next books.

The Naughty:
There was only one real intimate scene in this short story, but it was definitely a scorcher. This is not erotica, the sex was written with just enough heat to get us going, but also left just enough to the imagination. There were also some very sweet and romantic moments scattered throughout and lots of yummy sexual tension. Honestly, I don't know how Rita waited as long as she did to get Avan out of his lounge pants.

Final Verdict:
While Sweet Temptations was a really good read, parts of it were a little too convenient for me. For example, the fact that Avan needed chocolate to heal himself and Rita just so happened to own a candy store known for delicious chocolate. That being said, I enjoyed the candy store moments and the role of chocolate and candy in the story. Also, the end felt rushed to me, but I have no doubt this was simply due to the length of the novella. Overall, it is a fun, romantic story. I am definitely looking forward to the next books in the series.

Avan’s sudden expulsion from the bowels of Hell, a result of his softening heart, puts him in the winter streets of Upstate New York. In a strange environment and a new body, the one he used to serve hunts him. A wounded demon, he takes shelter to rest and hide until he can find the substance, which will make him strong again.

Rita‘s business buzzed with the preparation of her chocolate treats for Valentine’s Day. A loner with a low-self image, her Valentine’s would be spent alone. She never expected an injured man in her store’s kitchen, one with an unbelievable past and an uncertain future. 

Fate will bring them together, but will Avan see the goodness inside of him and help Rita see she is worthy of love?

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