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Book Review: Lady of Light and Shadows

Lady of Light and Shadows (Tairen Soul #2)
Published By: Avon
Publication Date: September 2010
Page Count: 414
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Audience: Adult - Fantasy

This tremendous sequel to Lord of the Fading Lands does not disappoint! This is not a "filler" book... it's the continuance of an EPIC love-story that is so full of substance, I was about to burst by the time I came to the end. WOW! 

Lady of Light and Shadows literally picks up where book one left off... tortuous and unnerving nightmares continue to plague Ellie, as well, they all have to deal with the repercussions of the events that took place at the dinner at the end of book one. Rain continues to try to sway the lords of Celieria from opening the borders to the Eld for trade purposes. Rain is convinced that the darkness emanating from that land is intensifying and that everyone will be in even greater danger, including Ellie and her family... but he's having a very difficult time convincing a good portion of the lords who would welcome the fortunes that trading with the Eld would bring. 

As well, the preparations for Ellie's marriage to Rain continues at a very fast pace (as Rain wants to get Ellie out of Celieria as quickly as he can for her own safety, and his agreement with her father means they are to be married first). She has to learn how to become a Queen, although in Rain's eyes, she already is. Rain also continues his whirlwind courtship of the seemingly "plain-Jane" Ellysetta Baristani, although at this point, we are pretty sure that she is anything but plain and unremarkable. Rain's devotion and attention to Ellie is swoon-worthy...and that's an understatement. Their many moments together will literally leave you breathless... from just a touch to a kiss to much, MUCH more. 

Evil (Vadim and Kolis) is manipulating almost everyone close to Ellie... and it all leads to a very climactic ending to Lady of Light and Shadows. And the evil in this book is pure, gritty evil. 

Conversely, we also come to love even more, if that's possible, the fierce fey warriors committed to protecting Ellie and her family. We also get to meet the infamous Gaelen vel Serranis and he becomes integral to the continuing story as well. 

Lady of Light and Shadows is, on reflection, mostly about Ellysetta's journey from being "just a woodcarver's daughter" to accepting her magical abilities and fulfilling the truemate bond with Rain. She matures elegantly throughout, working her way through her insecurities and unlocking all the magic that unknowingly has been locked inside for her protection. By the end of Lady of Light and Shadows... Ellie morphs into a very remarkable character that has left all the plainness of the old Ellie far behind. We also learn much more about Ellysetta's origins...some of which are quite surprising as we're lead to believe one thing yet it turns out to be something else (trying to be the least spoilery here). 

I'm so excited to start the next book... part of me wants to consume this series without taking a break, while the other part of me wants to savour the journey and take it slowly. I can't say which side is winning out because I look forward to every moment where I can immerse myself back into the story... but I also don't want it to end.

The Second Chapter in C. L. Wilson's Breathtaking Epic Tale of Magic, Passion, and Destiny
" She feared the dark visions and the magic within her. And she dreamed of the miraculous love that could save her. "
Like an enchanted fairy tale prince he stepped from the sky to claim her--the Fey King, her destiny, her one and true love.
But behind the mesmerizing beauty of Rain's violet eyes Ellysetta saw the passionate hunger of the beast . . . and a sorrow, deep and ancient, that she alone could heal. Only for him would she embrace the frightening power that dwells within her. Only with him at her side could she confront the shadows that haunt her soul. For an epic battle looms on the horizon--and only united can they hope to turn back the armies of the darkness.

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