Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Playboy's Secret Virgin
Author: MS Parker & Tasha Fawkes
Published by: Safira Press LLC
Publications Date: June 5, 2017
Page Count: 240 pages (paperback)
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Source: eBook Kindly Provided by Authors ARC team
Audience: Adult
Genre: Contemporary

My Thoughts:

I received this book for an honest review. By the title alone, I figured that this book was going to be full of one hot, steamy sex scene after another once the heroine lost her virginity. While it does have some sex scenes, there was nothing too graphic if that bothers you.

What I liked​ about this book was the story. The authors tell it from both sides. Jane is a small town girl who goes to New York hoping to put her college education to use in the advertising field. She grew up in foster care and while she might be innocent, she's not naive to the ways of the world.

Anthony is a rich playboy who barely goes through the motions at Daddy's ad agency. His constant partying and having everything splashed across the tabloids has made dear old dad give him an ultimatum. What transpires is two people coming together with their baggage, working through it and coming out on the other side all the better for their problems.

This book has a HEA, but not so sickening sweet you're gagging.  I will definitely look for future books from these two.

I would have liked to seen a couple of characters fleshed out more, but maybe they are saving that for another book. For that alone, I give this book 4 1/2 little larks.


A hot shot billionaire playboy can be quite intimidating, especially for a plain Jane virgin like me. When the elevator doors open to my new boss glaring down at my disastrous coffee mishap on my first day at James Enterprises, the look of disgust on his handsomely chiseled face is menacing, knocking any hope for leaving him impressed right out the window. Or so I thought… Later that night when I’m coerced by my newfound office friend to have a few drinks at the local jazz club, I catch Anthony James’ attention from across the room and sparks fly. I try to resist the temptation—why would he possibly be attracted to a simple girl like me—but Anthony James always gets what he wants… is he deserving enough of my virginity?

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