Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cover Reveal: Easy Love by JQ Beron

Easy Love, The Circle Begins (Circle of Ten Sentinel Series, Book 1)
Author: JQ Beron, 
Scheduled Release Day: July 1, 2016

Beron Kenway is a rich and powerful man. He leads a charmed life and is desired by many. Yet with all that going for him, he finds himself restless. Unsettled. Seeking answers, he heads to Las Vegas and finds his destiny.

Jacquelynn De le Cruz is one of the heirs to the De le Cruz fortune. All her life she has been overshadowed and overprotected by her older brother. Feeling as if the walls are closing in, she breaks out of her gilded cage. Escaping to Las Vegas she finds love....and her destiny.

Four families brought together by Fate discover a connection they can't explain. As they begin their journey to solve the mystery that creates their bond, they discover the world of love, family, and friendship. The one thing they all know as fact: family is deeper than blood.

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