Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Book Review: My Demon's Destiny

My Demon Determined (My Demon #2)
By Nikita Jakz and Alicia Dawn
Published By: Self
Page Count: 137 pages
Release Date: May 2014
Source: Purchased by Reviewer
Audience: Adult (not recommended for readers under 18)

Picking up where book 2 left off, we find Cole having words with a vampire and trying to tell Sera, the ever stubborn, to back off and let him handle it. She doesn't listen, but is of little effect in the situation. When she comes to, after being knocked for a loop, she finds her demon gone and is faced with a man who seems to know her. He claims to be, Caleb, a brother Cole has never mentioned. Her defenses are up, but she can do nothing but trust him for the moment until she can figure out how to find Cole.

Sera learns through Caleb that not only is Cole being held by the vampires, he knows how to access him. Sera isn't sure who to trust, but she has no one else to rely on, so she pins her hopes on Caleb. Caleb, a hot vampire in his own right, has his own agenda and he holds his cards close to the vest until he is ready to put his plan into place. Cole, along for the ride until he can figure out what to do, is oblivious to what is happening with his Seraphina. He's just glad she wasn't taken as well.

The action, the tension, the humor and wonderful dialogue are consistent throughout. The sex scenes are enough to get your heart beating and then some. I had several moments of swooning, laughing, crying, and wistful sighing. Cole is one hot demon and Sera, as usual, gives him a run for his money. I love Cole's demon who surfaces for a moment of intense connection with Sera. I love Caleb, who I am hoping gets his own book. He's intriguing and has a history worth getting to know. He's loyal to Cole, even though Cole has no memory of him.

I couldn't read fast enough. The story pulled me in and I was drawn to Sera's innocence and Cole's commanding presence because I have loved them since book 1, My Decadent Demon. This time, with the addition of Caleb, I didn't want to miss a thing. Sera will keep you laughing and guessing, but she has grown through the three books, as has Cole. That's the best part, I think. The development of the characters and their story is wonderful and I hate to see it end. 


Just when Sera and Cole thought they were finally on the home stretch, their happily-ever-after just within reach, an unforeseen obstacle rears its ugly fangs. Each blindsided with their own brand of torture, they’re forced to discover what they’re truly made of. With new factions emerging, complicating their already problematic circumstances, heartbreaking sacrifices and startling revelations are made, even as intense confrontations hike the tension higher. As they battle for each other, and their very immortal lives, the conclusion to their love story becomes one of legends. Don’t miss the fiery finish to this forbidden couple’s tale of epic devotion.

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