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My Book Boyfriend: John Matthew

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizzazz and stumbled on this meme. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. The Unread Reader features this meme on Wednesdays, but we figured moving our participation to Thursday wouldn't hurt anything. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well.

My Book Boyfriend: John Matthew   
The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
By J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward’s introduction for John Matthew:
"It was just a boy. A teenage boy. Dark-haired, pale-skinned. So thin he was emaciated, so beautiful he didn’t look human.”  ~Lover Eternal, pg. 22 (Model for my pretrans JM is Ryan Taylor)

*Dark hair
*Baby blue eyes
*Post-transition height: 6’7”
*Tattoo/carving of his mate’s name Xhexania on his upper back
*Often referred to as beautiful

John Facts:
*A.K.A. Tehrror
*Is mute; uses American Sign Language
*Approx. DOB 1983
*Born in a bus station bathroom stall
*Raised in an orphanage
*Reincarnation of Black Dagger Brother Darius
*Only left-handed fighter
*Best friends are Blaylock and Qhuinn

 John Matthew Quotes:
“I want to fuck you.” ~John Matthew  to Xhex
“You’re one in a million, John Matthew.” ~Xhex to John Matthew
“L.O.V.E.U.4.E.V.E.R.” ~John Matthew signing in Xhex’s hand
“All I want is you. However that comes.” ~John Matthew to Xhex
“Goddamn, you’re beautiful.” ~Xhex to John Matthew
“I want to be in you when we get back to the mansion.” ~John Matthew to Xhex
“Yes, I would hold you up. I will ever hold you up and hold you dear, lover mine.” ~John Matthew to Xhex
"God, you're big….Have I told you how deep you go in me? Very deep. Niiiice and very deep." ~Xhex to John Matthew (I need a moment…)
“Do you still want to be friends with me? Even though I’m gay.” John frowned. Then he sat up, made a fist, and nailed his buddy in the shoulder with a full-on punch. “Ow! What the fuck-“ “Why wouldn’t I want to be friends with you? Other than the fact that you’re a fucking idiot for asking that?” … “You’re just the same to me.” ~Blaylock and John Matthew
“I’m not interested in being saved, asshole. I can take care of myself.” John’s response was a middle finger flipped up and held over his head. “Oh, for fuck’s sake.” ~Qhuinn

Why I love John Matthew:
I really don’t know where to start. Nor do I think I could ever finish talking about this male. To me, John is perfect. He’s a fierce fighter, a fantastic friend, and the perfect husband (hellren). He is that mysterious combination of sexy and shy. He knows exactly when to show sweet love and when to give tough love. And with his air of innocence, it’s so much hotter when he becomes the predator (in the bedroom, under the mansion, on top of the mats, inside the cabin, etc.).
As the wise Yoda would say: Perfection, John Matthew is…

Models I Like For John:
There is no actor or model in existence (nor was there ever or will ever be) that can capture what John Matthew is. It’s just not  possible. Matt Bomer has the eyes and facial structure. Nate Nesbitt has the body and bad boy/pretty boy quality. And Josh Slack has that wholesome, all-American look. Together they would make one perfect specimen. Very nearly how I picture John.


  1. I love John Matthew! He´s my favorite of all the males in the series.
    My ideal actor/model for John Mathew is Tom Welling(I just love this guy).

  2. John Matthew is definitely my Male of choice.


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