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Author Interview: Arianna Skye

Reading Lark would like to welcome author Arianna Skye to the Dark Nest today.

Author Interview:
RLAD: When and why did you begin writing? 
AS: I’ve always been a writer, but I didn’t start seriously pursuing a writing career until 2006. It was a good way to pass time after recuperating after my appendectomy. A couple months later, I discovered a writing contest sponsored by a publisher, and that’s really where my interest in actually writing a novel began. 

RLAD: Do you have a specific writing style? 
AS: Each book I write has its own individual style. I tend to include a lot of comedic and snarky elements. 

RLAD: What inspired you to write Wings of Desire? 
AS: This is a really long and complicated story. I’ll try to abridge as much as possible. I am an IT support tech by trade, and back in the day I used to spend way too much time in chat rooms. A lot of the screen names were that of mythological deities. Demeter, Aphrodite, and Osiris to name just a few---including my own name. One night I was chatting during a thunderstorm and thought what if someone’s computer got struck by lightning. What if someone from ancient times was trying to summon that particular god/dess and instead summoned the person in the chat room. I just rolled my eyes and turned off the computer. I contemplated writing an erotic novel, and it brought me back to that what if moment ten years prior. It then hit me. She wouldn’t be a goddess. She’d be a faerie, and not just any faerie. She was the princess. Guess I didn’t abridge it that well. LOL 

RLAD: Is there a message or moral you’d like others to get from this story? 
AS: I think it really has a strong family element, as most my books do. 

RLAD: Do you have a favorite character? 
AS: Rhiannon is obviously my favorite character. She’s got a sarcastic and stubborn streak, but when she realizes how much the White Faeries need her, she’s willing to risk her life to save the kingdom. Oddly enough, Korrigan was my favorite character to write. Strange how fun writing someone evil can be. LOL 

RLAD: Which of your characters are you most like? 
AS: I do have my own sarcastic side, so there’s a little Rhiannon in me. But seriously, there’s a little bit of me in all my characters (Except Korrigan, of course. I could never be that evil. LOL) 

RLAD: What was the hardest scene to write? 
AS: It was hard to write the battle scene. Early on, a lot of my fighting scenes ended up feeling like a kung-fu movie. You know, one villain goes down and another attacks right after? Like people really fight like that. :) 

RLAD: Which book(s) have most influenced your life and/or writing career? 
AS: I grew up reading classic romances by Kathleen Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsey. Historical romance novels helped strengthen my interest in history and eventually my interest in writing my own historical romance. Even though I’m currently not writng historical, I still think they’ve helped inspire my love of the written word. 

RLAD: Do you bring any of your experiences or parts of your personality (or those of people you know) into your writing? 
AS: As I mentioned earlier, I have a little sarcastic side. It definitely shows in a lot of my characters.  

RLAD: Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, how do you overcome it? 
AS: I have experienced writer’s block. I just write through it. Having a page full of drivel and dreck is better than no words at all. And there’s a thing called editing. 

RLAD: Are there any new authors who have captured your interest? 
AS: I haven’t done a lot of fiction reading lately. I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction and writing related books. I tend to avoid reading books in my genre while writing my own books. 

RLAD: Outside of family members, where do you find your biggest source of support? 
AS: I am a member of a bunch of different writers groups, RWA and a few subchapters. The romance writing community is one of the most supportive groups out there.

Wings of Desire 
By Arianna Skye 

Not your (grand)mother's fairytale... 

Rhiannon Kinsley's life goes from boring to downright crazy when a freak lightning bolt strikes her laptop. To make matters even more bizarre, strange words and symbols flash across the computer screen and she hears a mysterious voice. Time to call the men in white coats! Then Cerne Silverwing, an intriguingly sexy man, appears. He insists she’s a faerie princess whose fate will determine his own. What a crock! Now she knows who really needs those white coats. 

With the Dark Faerie forces threatening his kingdom, Cerne kidnaps Rhiannon and brings her to Fey, a land where magic knows no bounds. He's performing a duty to save his kingdom and nothing more—a duty that will bring him his wings and the strengthened magic that comes with them. If he doesn’t unite with the princess as her consort, those wings will never grow. But this princess grew up in the land of laptops and instant messages, and she’s convinced they're both crazy. Despite their differences, the two are thrust together to defeat the whip-wielding Dark Faerie Queen before she takes over the kingdom. Passion and peril aside, will Rhiannon and Cerne discover their true destiny? 

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Book Trailer for Wings of Desire:

About the Author 
Arianna Skye is the erotic pen name of paranormal romance author, Sidney Ayers. She loves infusing stories with humor. What would the world be without a little bit of laughter? Arianna writes a plethora of genres, ranging from historical, to paranormal, to contemporary. 

A native of Michigan, Arianna still lives in the same town she grew up in. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t seem to get away. Michigan is in her blood, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

To learn more about Arianna/Sidney and her books, you can visit either one of her websites at or 

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