Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tevya & Andrea's Birthday Giveaway!

Andrea and I both have birthdays this week. In order to celebrate our birthdays on the blogs, we decided to give away some great books to our followers! We're giving away two great titles here and two great ones over at Reading Lark, our YA & Clean Adult site. Both giveaways are open to US and Canadian residents only. 

Check out the Reading Lark Giveaway!

Giveaway #1: Killing Me Softly (Secrets of Shadow Falls #1) by Maggie Shayne

The Nightcap Strangler, who terrorized the town of Shadow Falls sixteen years ago, has finally been executed. Case closed. Until Bryan Kendall's lover is murdered in the notorious killer's unique style and the rookie cop stands accused. Has someone committed the perfect copycat crime…or was the wrong man put to death?

A continent away, Dawn Jones hears that her first love has been accused of murder and knows that only she can help him. But to do so, she'll have to face the very fears that drove them apart.

Together they'll work to uncover secrets someone's willing to kill to keep, and renew a love as dangerous as it is inevitable. And their best lead is the girl found dead in Bryan's bed, reeking of the whiskey poured down her throat before her killer squeezed it shut.

A killer who thinks that Dawn, too, could use one last drink…

Giveaway #2: Bitten (Women of the Otherworld) by Kelly Armstrong

Elena Michaels seems like the typically strong and sexy modern woman, She lives with her architect boyfriend, writes for a popular newspaper, and works out at the gym. She's also a werewolf.

Elena has done all she can to assimilate to the human world, but the man whose bite changed her existence forever, and his legacy, continue to haunt her. Thrown into a desperate war for survival that tests her allegiance to a secret clan of werewolves, Elena must recon with who, and what, she is in this passionate, page-turning novel.

Bonus Giveaway #3: Cowboy Casanova (Rough Riders #12) by Lorelei James
Come on...this is Reading Lark After Dark...you had to know we'd be giving away some good smut too! The Rough Riders series by Lorelei James is one of our favorites here, and we want to share it with you!

In Sundance, Wyoming, you can’t throw a boot without hitting a McKay cowboy, so Ben McKay is used to fading into the background. Except on weekends, when he’s Bennett, imposing Dom at The Rawhide Club, surrounded by a bevy of female subs eager for the attention of his long…whip. 

As for the curvy brunette eying him from across the room? He’ll eat his Stetson if she's the experienced Domme she claims to be. Bennett offers her a deal—he’ll let her call the shots for one night. But the next night he gets to prove to her how freeing it'll be when he takes the reins. 

Ainsley Hamilton is amazed by how well Bennett read her every secret yearning during that one explosive weekend—and she's stunned when they come face to face in their everyday lives as rancher and new bank president. Now Ben’s urging her to explore her submissive side outside the club, and there’s something in his commanding gaze that makes it too easy to let him take control—of her desires and her pleasure. 

Can Ben help Ainsley overcome her fear that a relationship built on dark sexual appetites won’t survive the light of day? 

Warning: This book contains a lot of kinky sex. No, seriously, there's A LOT of kinky cowboy sex in this Rough Riders installment. You've been warned. 

*Note: Cowboy Casanova can be swapped for any of the Rough Riders books. This is the most recent release. If you aren't this far along in the series yet or are wanting to start it, just leave us a note.

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  1. Not entering giveaway. Just cruising through wishing y'all a Happy Birthday!

  2. I already have these and all of the RR series. Couldn't get enough!

    I don't need to be entered... But want to say
    Happy Tevya Day!!
    Happy Andrea Day!!
    Hope your days are awesome!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ladies! Thx for the giveaway op! :) (psst, it's my Bday this month too (23rd)!)

    barbbattaglia @ yahoo.com

  4. Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

  6. Awww - thanks for the happy birthdays y'all!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Hoping for a a win:)


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