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Book Review: A Vampire's Claim

A Vampire's Claim
(Vampire Queen #3)
By: Joey W. Hill
January 16, 2009
Published by: Berkley Trade
Source: Owned by Reviewer
Format: ePub (Nook)
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Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Audience: Mature Audiences Only (18+) - Erotic Fiction with themes of BDSM

My Thoughts: 
I fell in love with Lady Lyssa and Jacob in the first two books of this series, and I have to admit that I was quite sad when I discovered that the third book was not about them. When I realized it was about Lady Daniela and Devlin, I was somewhat mollified. I had enjoyed their part in the second book of the series. Their story is something of a prequel to the series, taking place a good number of years before the setting of the first two books to show us how Dev became Lady D's full servant. We are taken to the Aussie Outback, where Lady D is going home to settle a few scores and reclaim her home.  She is a born vampire, royalty in her world, but that does not mean that life has been easy for her. She has never taken given a third mark, having no desire to have a full marked servant until she meets Devlin. Dev is hiding out as a bushman. He lost his family in a brutal attack and when we meet him in 1953, he has secluded himself in the outback, only coming into civilization briefly every few months. He comes across as being a rogue living in the wilderness, but he's actually an educated man escaping the pain of his past.

This story grabbed me from the very beginning. I loved the Aussie setting and the dialect. It was  a great change of pace. The chemistry between Lady Danny and Dev was perfect. Even knowing what she was, he found himself drawn to her. Again, we have the dominant, alpha male in a submissive role. He surrenders to her in order to protect and care for her, and that battle of the wills is always entertaining (and hot!). Like Jacob, his introduction to the role of a vampire's servant was shocking. In some ways, Dev had it harder because his choice was taken from him. There were many aspects of the story that were emotionally hard to read, the main one being our introduction to the pack of wild vampire children used to hunt Dev down for sport. But there were also many tender, sweet moments between Dev and Lady D. 

This world that Joey Hill has created for her vampires is completely enthralling to me. I can't seem to get enough of it. It's dark and seductive, violent and tender. Those contradictions make for a fast-paced read full of surprise turns. I am hoping that over the course of the next few books in the series, I will get to watch Lady Danny grow into the vampire mistress we saw in The Mark of the Vampire Queen. There is no doubt in my mind that wherever the next books in the series take me, I will be coming back for more!

Synopsis from Goodreads:
The daughter of two vampires, Lady Daniela is considered aristocracy in the vampire world. Still, she has to fight for what she wants-especially since what she wants is to depose a brutal territory overlord. For that she'll need the help of Devlin, a handsome, brave human who inflames her desire far more than any man or beast. 

Even though she could easily lay her claim and take Dev on as a fully marked servant, she resists the urge-especially since Dev is still tormented by something in his past. But when her enemy makes an unexpected appearance, Dev surprises them both by yielding completely to his feelings for Danny and showing her the devotion of a true servant-until she decides to take his freedom without asking...

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