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Book Review: Satisfy Me & Bliss

Satisfy Me & Bliss
The Malone Brothers series, 
Books 1 & 2
Published by: Liquid Silver Books
Format: eBook
Buy it at here and here
Source: Provided by Author
Audience: Mature Audiences (18+)

My Thoughts:
Now everyone knows I’m sort of the smut monger of the Nest. When I was given these books, I was like “Game on! Let’s see if these are actually hot.” And boy….are.they.ever. 

But the Malone brothers are not just smutty man candy - there is sharp, witty dialogue from realistic and vivid characters. Miss Scott’s writing is crisp and quick, with an edge of fun and humor that doesn't “dumb it down” or become cheesy. My one complaint is that I needed to be sitting in Antarctica when I read these, not in the deep South where its already hot enough. 

In the first book, we meet Tyson Malone, the oldest brother – intense, sexy, and scarred inside by his mother’s abandonment. He thinks he has nothing to offer a woman but hot sex for a night or two. When sweet, luscious Maggie slips into his life, she begins to unravel his layers and shows quite a few of her own. When these two get together, its explosive and hot as hell. I enjoyed the read immensely, and it definitely left me wanting more.

So I got more, with book 2 – And we meet the fun loving, middle brother Ethan, and co-worker Lindy Bliss. (God bless her - her mama gave her a stripper name.) The two of them drive each other crazy, in every sense of the word. When Ethan makes an audacious proposal to “get each other out of their systems”, he has no idea the wild ride he’s in for. (Double entendre intended) He learns that everything can’t be fun and games all the time when he realizes he wants to keep Lindy in his system, and tied to his bed if necessary. And now I will impatiently wait for book three - It’s already driving me crazy! I want to know who ends up with Shane the bad boy, who I think will be my all time favorite Malone brother.


Tyson Malone is being stalked by a ghost. Between bouts of calling him Sugar Lips and Hot Cakes, the apparition makes it her goal to get Ty together with his sexy neighbor, Maggie Jacobson. Unfortunately, for her, Ty doesn't do the relationship thing. He does sex with a no relationship clause. One look at Maggie is all it takes to know she's a relationship kind of woman. Maggie is tired of living her life the way others dictate. When her mom leaves her a journal left behind by a grandmother she never met, Maggie is inspired. This brave woman lived her life by her own set of rules and Maggie is ready to do the same. After moving to a new town, she meets Ty, a man who inspires her in a whole new, very sexual way. Taking control for the first time in her life, Maggie propositions him with a no strings affair. Soon they begin a journey to sexual satisfaction and bringing her fantasies to life.

Ethan Malone has had his fair share of women. Life is short and he damn sure plans to enjoy it. When Lindy Bliss starts work at Malone Constructions, he never expected to want her. She’s nothing like the women he usually brings to his bed. Immediately he’s drawn by her quality work on the job, and her sharp, sarcastic tongue. Of course, the way his name hugs Lindy’s breasts in her work shirt has a whole hell of a lot to do with it too. He needs to get the tomboy, with the stripper name out of her faded jeans and tool belt, so he can play with the feminine curves beneath. Before he loses a finger or two because he’s distracted by his perpetual hard on, Ethan propositions Lindy for a no-holds-barred weekend of sexual pleasure. Once he has her under his roof and in his bed, he isn’t sure he wants to let her out again. Having Lindy beneath him is exactly what he thought it would be…pure Bliss.

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