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Book Review: Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Lusts

Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Lusts
by Mitzi Szereto
Publication date: July 2011
Publisher: Cleis Press
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Source: Author
Audience: Mature (It is erotica, people.)

My Thoughts:When I got a text from Tevya, asking me if I wanted the Pride & Prejudice erotica, I all caps'ed her in response and said "YES! ME ME ME!". Why you ask? Am I just a smut monger? Yes and no. I think works like this, as well as Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, and even fan fiction are really fun genres, as well as challenging ones. You try writing something that is your own creation, while sticking to the confines of the original author's characters - It's not easy. P&PHL did that very well, in my humble opinion.

What do I mean? In the *ahem* special direction P&PHL takes, the author stays in the proper British, early 19th century, Austenian tone. (I just made up another word, didn't I?) Every time one of the characters cry out "Mr./Miss So and So" whilst in the throes, I had to giggle. Now, were the scenes particularly hot? I can't be a good judge because the kitsch of the whole work made too giddy with the LOLs - so I'll leave that up to individual readers. For instance, Lydia Bennet has the propensity to hump everything in sight, inanimate or human, with or without an audience, and I found that hilarious - But I'm a strange bird. I found the writing seemless with original novel and I enjoyed it very much. But, what means the most to me is….

The question of questions:
Would I spend my hard earned, allocated book money on it? To that, I make my reply - Absolutely!

Synopsis (Provided by Author):
In Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts, the entire cast of characters are caught with their breeches unbuttoned and their skirts raised high in this rewrite that goes all the way – and then some! Mr. Darcy has never been more devilish and the seemingly chaste Elizabeth never more turned on.

In this no-holds-barred account, men are not necessarily the only dominating sex. This time Mr. Bingley and his sister both have designs on Mr. Darcy’s manhood; Elizabeth’s bff Charlotte marries their family’s strange relation, discovering that her husband’s pious nature extends to worship of a different sort; and, in this telling, Lady Catherine de Bourgh takes the disciplining of those in the parish very seriously. As for the handsome Mr. Wickham, he’s wickeder than ever! And of course there’s plenty of good old-fashioned bodice ripping that shows no pride or prejudice and reveals hot hidden lusts in every scandalous page-turning chapter. This is the book Jane Austen would have written, if only she’d had the nerve!

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  1. As a HUGE fan of Pride and Prejudice (I became a teacher just so I could teach that book), I enjoyed this review. I might have to check out what Jane Austen would have written had she the nerve!


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